KARACHI - The determination of Pakistan armed forces to retaliate Indian aggression with last bullet and last soldier is commendable. The whole nation is with armed forces as nation was with them during September war, 1965.

Liaquat Baloch, Naib Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan said while addressing a training session of party workers on Sunday. He said, “First bullet of our Army will change fate of people of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK)”.

“Indian government is planning to assault Azad Kashmir and if, our first bullet is not fired, India will never surrender IOK valley,” he remarked.

Despite fact that United Nations (UN) accepted right to freedom of Kashmiri people under several resolutions, still no any sincere and concrete effort was taken in this direction, he added.

People IOK have been struggling for their right to self determination since last 72 years. They had sacrificed thousands of lives during just struggle for freedom but world conscience had never recognised their plight, he added.

He said: “People of IOK have been staring towards UN and world for resolution of this issue but no one has yet moved. Today, Kashmiris are under siege at hands of Indian soldiers and braving 36-day running imposed curfew in held valley with courage.

“Indian soldiers are torturing youths, molesting women and horrifying children while scores of Kashmiris have so far been arrested and shifted to unknown places,” Baloch alleged.

Where is ethics of world on this juncture, he asked and adding that humanity is being humiliated in IOK at hands of Indian soldiers.

“Time has come to reinforce diplomatic efforts in order to convey dilemma of Kashmiris and brutalities of Indian government in held valley”, he suggested.

There is a dire need of unification among all stakeholders on one point agenda that Kashmiris should get their right to freedom, he added.

Policies of Prime Minister, Imran Khan and former premier, Nawaz Sharif remain focused for holding talks with India on this issue.

On contrary, India has started war and we should take it seriously, he said.

China, Turkey and Malaysia have fully supported Kashmir issue, Liaquat Baloch commended.

Importance of September 6, 1965 is that people of Pakistan along with their armed forces defeated Indian forces, he reminded.

Advising participants of training session, Baloch directed them to remain keep faith in Allah and practice religion in letter and spirit.

Party workers should come forward and spread party’s message for building up a pure Islamic society, he maintained.