Balochistan is the province which has been facing many problems since decades. Among all those issues, honour killing is one of the biggest issues in Balochistan. Honour killing is an act of violence, especially a murder of female genders by a male dominated society.

A recent report by the Aurat Foundation a non-governmental Organization working in the province Balochistan mentions the protection of women rights that some 50 people of which 30 women were murdered by their relatives and family members by the name of so-called honour. Such cases are mostly found in the Nasirabad division and Bolan district. More then 10 people were secently killed in Bolan district in the name of honous. Not only Baloch society facing the problem of honour killing but also different societies in the country involve in the issue of honour killing.

Some reports show that around 1,000 women are killed annually in Pakistan by the name of honour killings for allegedly violating social norms and marriages and some honour cases remain unreported still. No doubt, honour killing is a very common issue in the world, particularly under-developed countries like Bangaldash, India and Pakistan.

Although, the government recently passed a bill against such violent activities but the implimentation of law remained a dream in the country including the province Balochistan. I request the government of Balochistan to take some strong steps to control the honour killing in Balochistan.