The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led Punjab government came into power a year ago amid high expectations. Hats off to Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar whose endless efforts have materialized the dream of progressive Punjab into a reality. Although opposition and the media alike express their concerns however, they just have apprehensions which have nothing to do with reality.

The strenuous efforts by the government have resulted in many such initiatives which are really meant for the welfare of the public at large. The launching of “Sehat Insaf Cards” (health cards) to provide best medical and health care facilities to the marginalized segments of the society underscores the priorities of the government which is bent upon improving health care facilities in the province.

Likewise, the idea to establish “Shelter Homes” to provide the lodging facility to poor, needy and homeless citizens who are forced to sleep out in the open because of abject poverty also goes to the credit of Punjab government. The government certainly deserves credit for this as there is no such example of such a unique institution at a government level in the past. To reach out to the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the province and help them alleviate their difficult socio-economic circumstances, the government has initiated “Punjab Ehsas Program” to provide financial assistance to such people and consequently alleviate poverty from the province.

Keeping in view that environmental degradation is a serious issue impacting our lives and overall progress and development, the government has initiated “Punjab Green Development Program” which aims to strengthen environmental governance and promote green investment in the province. Besides, the government has launched a “Clean and Green” campaign across the province to provide a clean environment to the public at large. Realizing the importance of road infrastructure in the development process, the government has initiated “Naya Pakistan – Manzilyen Asan” Rural Accessibility Program for better connectivity in rural areas and to accelerate the growth of agricultural production.

Regrettably, initially, every public welfare initiative is met with intense criticism by the media and the opposition in our country. It seems that we have developed a habit of criticizing everything. However, one must look into reality. The government of Punjab certainly acknowledges the needs of its people and is leaving no stone unturned to uplift the social and economic lives of its people. It is hoped that the government would remain sincere in its efforts to work on more such projects which are really meant for the welfare of the public in true sense.