A notification issued by the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) in Lahore which ordered the establishment of separate sitting arrangements for male and female students has caused an angry reaction on social media. The policy would have extended to segregating students in the cafeteria, but after the social media outcry, the administration has since withdrawn this order. 

In a notification signed by the Deputy Registrar at UET Lahore and shared widely on the website Twitter, the university had directed the administration to make separate sitting arrangements for male and female students. 

"Vice Chancellor has ordered that separate sitting arrangements with suitable partition be made for male and female students with immediate effect. In this regard, necessary measures should be taken forthwith. The Vice Chancellor will make surprise visits to check these arrangements." 

It is unclear why the Vice-Chancellor had sought to segregate students specifically in cafeterias. Nonetheless, people from across Pakistan criticized the decision of the university authorities to focus on gender segregation instead of fixing academic issues. 

A new notification issued by the university claims that the earlier notification was circulated without the approval of the Vice-Chancellor, although the original order was attributed to him. 

UET Lahore made news earlier in March, when it issued a notification forbidding female students from wearing "jeans" and "deep-neck" shirts. Female students were also required to wear dupattas, and were told they would be fined for wearing "trousers" with a kameez instead of a shalwaar. In the same notification, male students were also told they would be fined for wearing anything but shalwaar kameez on Fridays. After a social media outcry, the UET administration withdrew the notification.