ISLAMABAD          -         The Capital Development Authority administration has directed the MPO Directorate to immediately carry out repair, maintenance and patch work on the Islamabad Expressway and on other major roads of Islamabad.

The Islamabad Expressway is one of the major arteries of Islamabad while it is the sole way to reach the main part of the capital city for those who are living in different housing societies falling on both sides of the said highway and several parts of Rawalpindi as well.

A nine kilometre long stretch of Islamabad Expressway from Gulberg Interchange to GT Road at Rawat is a picture of neglect as a series of potholes and craters turned it into a permanent nuisance for the road-users. 

However, the CDA administration has issued special directions while taking into account the difficulties being faced by commuters due to the damage caused to different roads by the recent spells of heavy monsoon rainfalls.

Following directions of the CDA Administration, the MPO Directorate has started repair, maintenance and patch work in different areas of the city. 

In this connection, the MPO Directorate carried out road maintenance and patch work in the areas including Islamabad Expressway, Faizabad Interchange, Kashmir Highway, I.J.P. Road from Golra Morr to Saidpur Road, Nazim-ud-Din Road sector F-8, 9th Avenue Junction with I.J.P. Road, Ibn-e-Sina Road sector G-11, Service Road North sector I-10, Constitution Avenue and other areas.

The CDA Administration while issuing directions for immediate work for repair, maintenance and patch work on all major roads particularly on Islamabad Expressway to the MPO Directorate has issued directions to other formations of the Authority to ensure that MPO Directorate may not face any problem while carrying out repair, maintenance and patch work. 

The Finance Wing has particularly been directed to ensure availability of finances to the MPO Directorate