“For the airline of a country which was cut 

in half six months ago, PIA deserves praise for 

the speed with which it has faced facts and turned disaster into opportunity”

–Murray Bailey, 1972

Image: HistoryofPia


Pakistan did not have a national airline until 1955, when the private Orient Airways, was nationalized and renamed Pakistan International Airways (PIA). Initially founded in 1946, it was based in Calcutta and later shifted to the newly independent state of Pakistan in1947.

PIA became one of the fastest-growing airlines in the 1960s. It was also the first airline to introduce inflight entertainment. The uniforms of PIA stewardesses and air-hostesses were designed by famous French fashion designer, Pierre Cardin.

The Airline performed well and even made the list of top 5 international airlines during the 1970s. Its fortunes began to decline after the late 1980s.