Sindh governments courageous act of staging a walkout from federal Advisor Finances meeting on Value-Added Tax (VAT) was not unjustified. The Sindh representatives were of the view that when all the four provinces had agreed to a formula, which was duly signed by the then Finance Minister in Gwadar with a lot of fanfare too, and the 7th National Finance Commission Award was also made public, there was little room for any amendment or change now. When all had been said and done, the removal of two important clauses incorporated in the 7th NFC Award right at the time when Presidents signatures were being sought, was both unethical and immoral. Propriety demands that serious action be taken against the officials of Ministry of Finance who did this horrendous bit of manipulation, an act amounting to breach of trust. -GHULAM. H. MEMON, Khuhra, April 7.