KARACHI - Commissioner Roshan Ali Sheikh has raised the official rate of milk by Rs10, surging the price to a whopping Rs70 per litre
The price of milk has been raised after a meeting with the milk dealers and other stakeholders here on Monday.
The commissioner said government had scientifically decided the milk prices for every stakeholder. As per details, the per litre cost of milk is Rs63.50 and farmer will sell the milk per litre on Rs64.50 to wholesalers and thus the retailer will buy per litre milk at Rs67 and finally retailers can sale the milk at Rs70 per litre to the consumers.
Sheikh said that milk prices would be re-evaluated after four months and there would be different prices for the summers and winters.
The meeting was attended by the representatives of Dairy Farmers Association, All Karachi Milk Retailers’ Association and Karachi Milk Suppliers Association.
Faisal Tippi, milk seller of Federal B Area, when connected told TheNation that we are getting per litre milk at rupees 70 therefore it would be difficult to sell the milk at the same cost. “We cannot manage to run our shops within the profit of Rs3.”
He further said that prices would not be same in the city because different wholesalers were giving the milk on different prices. He said that the government had fixed retail price without realising the rising prices of other inputs including gas and power rates, diesel, CNG and LPG prices.