WASHINGTON - Reacting to the vigorous protests from Pakistan, the US lawmaker who has highlighted the so-called cause of self-determination in Balochistan, has struck tone, saying he owes no apology for introducing a resolution on the issue.‘I make no apology for submitting a resolution championing the oppressed people of Balochistan in their dealings with a Pakistani government that has betrayed our trust’, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher wrote in The Washington Post, referring to the ‘stir’ his resolution had caused in Pakistan.The move was denounced by Pakistan as interference in its internal affairs since Balochistan is an integral part of the country.The Congressman wrote, ‘With this resolution, I do not seek to single out Pakistan. I have long championed the principle of self-determination. For example, every Pakistani Ambassador to the United States for the past 20 years is well aware of my support for the Kashmiri people. Indeed, at the Feb 8 House Sub-committee hearing on Balochistan, I compared Balochistan to Kashmir’. In 1995, I introduced a resolution that stated in part: ‘a cycle of violence exists in Kashmir as a result of the Indian Government’s refusal to permit the people of Kashmir to exercise their right to self-determination’.‘This is consistent with my commitment to support freedom and people’s right to control their own destiny in accordance with their cultural values and sense of identity. There are many good people in Pakistan who understand that the abuse of human rights by security forces in Balochistan is a stain on the honour of their country. Such heavy-handed oppression is also counterproductive. It drives people away’, he added.