LAHORE - Speakers at the 2nd National Energy Conference resorted to reciting poetry to support their stance.
Prime Minister started off the poetic competition by reading the following couplet:
Humain daratey hain taarikiyon se woh
Jin ke dil mein roshni ki tamanna nahi
PML-N MNA Ahsan Iqbal criticized the decision of exempting the Prime Minister House from loadshedding, saying that although Allama Iqbal was not aware that a Sajadanasheen would become Prime Minister at some time it seems that his poetic wisdom was not limited:
Hum ko tou muyasar nahi mitti ka diya bhee
Ghar pir ka bijli ke chiraghon sey hai roshan
     Ahsan Iqbal also recited the following verse, addressing the Prime Minister:
Shehr agar talab karey tum sey ilaj-e- tairgi
Sahib-e-Ikhtiyar ho aag laga diya karo
     MQM leader Farooq Sattar read the following verse in his speech:
Agar woh pooch ley hum sey tumhain kis baat ka gham hai
Tou phir kis baat ka gham hai agar woh pooch ley hum sey