Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that death with dignity is better than begging around the world, adding that clouds of threats hovering over Pakistan must shatter one day . Speaking at ceremony held with regard to distributing laptops at Lahore University of Engineering and Technology, the chief minister expressed sympathy with the grieved families of army men trapped in avalanche in Gyari sector of Siachen Glacier. He said that Pakistan was facing difficulties while its enemies had united in and outside the country. Sharif said that Punjab was being pushed into darkness that inflicted loses up to Rs 300 billion annually, referring to prolonged outages in the province. He said that country was being plundered. The chief minister who has been running a campaign of distributing laptops among the soundest of the province on merit, announced to give laptops from his pocket to a female student Imal Qamar of Queen Marry for delivering a speech and to Nadeem Abbas who sang a national song during the ceremony.