I wish to request two stalwarts of pro Kalabagh Dam (KBD) brigade engaged in a war of words, namely Engineers Salman Njeeb and Khurshid Anwar, to kindly avoid discussion of mutual differences in the media. (Mar 15) As regards whether full or one half of Punjab was in favour of KBD the issue was settled when Punjab Assembly passed unanimous resolutions in favour of Kalabagh Dam more than once. KBD’s battle for survival of our dear homeland has yet to heat up. There was need to keep your ammunition dry instead of wasting it in washing dirty linen in public. I regret to observe that in Pakistan there are as many opinions as experts (read self proclaimed) on the vital issue of water dispute with India particularly regarding her construction of scores of dams on our Chenab, Jhelum and the Indus rivers in Occupied Kashmir in countless violations of Indus Waters Treaty. On the contrary in India one may find difference in narrative from one newspaper or TV channel to the other on the water issue but the core subject remains the same. Maybe our newspaper editors and TV talk show hosts could help in weeding out pseudo experts by being more selective in presenting material related to Indo-Pak water dispute in general and IWT in particular.
Lahore, April 9.