It is basically our responsibility, especially those of us who do not use the right of voting. It is not the responsibility of any of the parties in power because they focus their attention on helping and pleasing all those who voted for them. Majority of the people are not happy with both the parties and in their anger, they decide not to vote for any party. Even today I hear many people who criticize the politicians vehemently and as a reaction they say, “we will not vote at all”. This mindset allows some parties to win the elections by bagging only 15 to20 percent votes of the total registered voters. This has been happening in all the previous elections. Once in power, their main focus remains on pleasing only those 15 to 20 percent of the voters and their policies are not meant for the entire country but for a small minority and as such are counterproductive for the economic development of the Country. If all the registered voters use their right of voting, we can be sure that no party will be able to win the elections by getting less than 45 to 50 percent of the total registered voters. Under such a situation, we can be sure that the winning party, even if it happens to be PPP or PML-N, they will not waste financial resources on schemes like Benazir Income Support Fund, Sasti Roti Scheme, distribution of laptops, Yellow Cab Scheme, or distribution of rickshaws and instead make efforts to provide jobs and better opportunities for majority of the voters. The policies of the same parties will change in favor of the majority of the voters which will help the economic development of the country.
Let’s then decide that we must vote no matter which party we like.
Lahore, April 8.