KARACHI - FBR Chairman Mumtaz Haider Rizvi visited the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI) on Monday to discuss OICCI proposals for budget 2012-2013.
Rizvi acknowledged the positive role played by the foreign investors in the country and encouraged the OICCI members to enhance their activities and investment for the development of the country. He assured the members that FBR will closely look into all the proposals and, after analyzing all aspects, decide on appropriate action on the recommendations of the OICCI .
He directed FBR officials accompanying him to render all possible help, for quick resolution of all matters especially the matters highlighted in the presentation.
“OICCI’s budget proposals are balanced and aim at broadening the tax base, providing incentive to the honest tax payers and above all enhancing the documentation of the economy. The proposals also recommend certain structural and procedural changes to improve the overall taxation framework in the country,” President OICCI Humayun Bashir said.
President OICCI highlighted the significant contribution of OICCI members in Pakistan’s economic growth by way of massive tax payments and in creating employment opportunities.
He further informed that the foreign investors operating in Pakistan perceive government policies favourably but 79% were critical of policy implementation. OICCI president mentioned that “OICCI members realize their moral duty towards the country and fully pay their tax”.