LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Munawar Hasan has said that instead of restoration of NATO supplies, the Parliamentary Committee on National Security should discuss pulling out of the US so-called war on terror , end to the drone attacks and limitary operations and recovery of missing persons. 
Addressing the concluding session of two-day workshop for JI officebearers at Mansoora on Monday, he said that an end to the US interference was the only solution of the problem because it was due to this that military operations were done in different areas, thousands of innocent citizens were killed, thousands of houses were razed to the ground and hundreds of people were lifted.
The JI Ameer said that the US slaves had agreed to restore Nato supplies but the masses were neither in favour of laying down any conditions in this regard nor would they permit signing any bond of slavery.
Referring to President Zardari’s giving away 1$ million  to the Mutawallis of Mazar at Ajmer Sharif, he said that offerings made from the looted public wealth would not win Allah’s pleasure. He said that the foremost issue for the review of Pak-US ties should be revival of national dignity and pulling out of the so-called terror war in order to tide over the present crises. He said that the parliament members who were sacrificing national interests were representing Washington and not the nation.