KARACHI  - Diseases like typhoid , malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and viral infections like measles and flu like conditions among children can be largely prevented through washing of hands with soap and water, said child specialists at a seminar organized at National Institute of Child Health (NICH).Consumption of properly boiled water and adequately cooked food can also lessen the incidence of these diseases, they said.The speakers including Dr Jamal Raza, Dr Farid and others said cleanliness of homes as well as surroundings, proper disposal of waste and availability of potable water not only improve general health but also contribute towards better living standards. The public awareness program marked its beginning with the recitation of verses from holy Quran by Noman, a child patient admitted to the hospital.Director, NICH Karachi, Prof Syed Jamal Raza in his elaborate presentation particularly referred to the menace of ‘paan’, ‘chalia’ and ‘gutka.’ He warned that inability of parents in particular and society in general to restrict easy availability of the hazardous products has led to marked increase in the incidence rate of oral cancers among children.He said that even though government has banned the sale of these items but they are still being sold with absolutely impunity. PPP delegations calls on AIGP Gorchani: A 7-member delegation of Pakistan People Party (PPP) led by Senator Faisal Raza Abdi here Monday held a meeting with Additional Inspector General Police (AIGP) Akhter Gorchani and discussed law and order situation in the metropolis. Talking to the delegation, the AIGP said that the effective measures have been taken to control target killings and other heinous crimes.He said that investigation of target killings cases is being conducted on scientific lines so that the culprits could not get benefit of weak investigation during trial of such cases.The AIGP further stated that honest and efficient officers are being encouraged to control crimes at police station level.  Senator Faisal Raza assured his full support to police for improvement of law and order in the city.