A suicide car bomber detonated his vehicle at the gate of a government building in western Afghanistan on Tuesday, killing at least 14 people, including a 4-year-old girl, according to local police officials. The bomber struck the gate of the Guzara district building in Herat province, a facility filled with people conducting business in the morning. The building is on the road to the Herat airport and just a few miles from the center of Herat city, the second most populous city in the country and a place that has seen relatively little violence in the past few years. “It was a suicide car bomb and the bomber used a SURF vehicle packed with explosives,” said Noor Khan Nikzad, the spokesman for the provincial police chief, describing the four-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle used in the attack. A spokesman for the regional police, Raouf Ahmadi, described the blast as “a huge explosion.” The dead included three police officers and a 4-year-old girl, said Sayid Aqa Saqib, the provincial police chief. Another 22 people were wounded in the attack, he said. A police intelligence unit was tracking the vehicle’s movements and called for it to stop, but the driver ignored the instructions, Saqib said. “When we told them to stop they sped up, and as they approached the entrance, the police started to fire on them and the bombers blew themselves up,” he said. “There were two suspects in the vehicle, one in male clothes and one in female clothes, but we cannot tell if it was really a woman.” Violence in Herat has periodically taken the form of larger-scale attacks. Last May there were two suicide bombings, one of them attacking the NATO provincial reconstruction team on the outskirts of the city.