KARACHI - A widow Zareena Shaheen has demanded Sindh Chief Minister, governor, Home Minister and Sindh High Court chief justice to recover the assets of her husband from the custody of her in-laws.Addressing a press conference at press club along with her eighth children, Zareena said that the father and brothers of her husband had occupied all the property and money of her husband and deprived her eight children from the money of their father ( Late Mohammad Khalid).She said late Muhammad Khalid was the wholesaler of milk and had the assets of millions of rupees. She alleged that father of his late husband (Haji Ameeruddin) and brothers of his husband (Tahir, Tariq and Zahid) had deprived her family from the properties and money of Late Mohammad Khalid.She informed that Muhammad Khalid died in 2001 and she along with her eight children was suffering the worst financial crises. She that she had filed a case in City Court but failed to get justice from the judiciary.Zareena demanded the government and judiciary to provide her justice saying that she along with her children was suffering the terrible situation.