It is disturbing to note that in various parts of Karachi, especially Defence and Clifton, where the affluent live, one can find many cars with tinted windows as well as cars with AFR (Applied for Registration) number plates. I wonder how many of them have permission to drive their cars around with these number plates and blackened windows, since as far as I know; both have been banned?

Such cars have reportedly been used in criminal activities which have increased in recent years. I would like to request that the interim governments in the centre and the provinces should completely ban AFR number plates and the practice of tinted windows.

It is, however, a good sign that there have been efforts to install CCTV cameras in some of the busy roads of the big cities and most of the crimes carried out by such cars must have been easily recorded by these cameras. Why don’t our law-enforcement agencies utilise these excellent services to capture criminals, especially when we have one of the best national database registration systems in the world?


Karachi, April 7.