The swashbuckling, somewhat maverick General Musharraf still has that swagger about him even as he goes about facing the Supreme Court for treason charges. On Monday he seemed far from afraid at the prospect of appearing in a court; during a press conference, the same day, he stated it loud and clear that he would fight all the charges levelled against him. Though for the entertainment starved audiences of the country the case offers a nail biting thriller, its significance cannot be under-rated.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is not on the bench hearing his case, which bodes well as far as the impartiality of the judiciary is concerned. That is justice in its pristine form and should be appreciated. The court has meanwhile ordered the authorities to put the Musharraf’s name on the ECL. The legal fight, however, is to be fought in the court of law with sound arguments. No one knows whether he would step out of the courtroom crestfallen or with a self-congratulatory smile. The stakes are high, since the charges are as serious as subversion of constitution and hence it is unclear if he could have a narrow escape as his lawyers are hoping to get. But the pretence of defiance manifest in his intent not to appear personally in the court would make matters worse.