I would like to highlight an issue about the driving license in our country which permits a person to drive legally. In Pakistan, driving licenses can be obtained by applying to any traffic police office. Candidates have to pass a theory and a practical driving test to obtain this license. This is a serious act, but in Pakistan it is considered another way of minting illegal money. You can get a driving license easily by paying the authorities under the table. Recently on a reality show on TV they caught a blind man driving.

The misuse of this power has endangered many lives, as unskilled drivers with no knowledge of driving rules, not only harm themselves but mortally hurt or kill others. The irresponsibility displayed by these upholders of law is very disappointing. The truth of the matter is that there are no governing bodies who question these law administrators. Without proper checks in place we will go from bad to worse. The streets are crowded with drivers who have no sense of any driving laws; there are no speed limits or speed lanes in the cities. The rash driving causes thousands of accidents everyday due to the negligence of traffic police which provides driving licenses without taking any test.


Karachi, April 7.