LONDON- Baloch Nationalist leader Harbiyar Marri has condemned the killing of common people whether by the army or by the Baloch separatists.

In an interview with BBC, Herbiyar, who is living in self imposed exile in London since 2000, however claimed that a war is going on in Balochistan and collateral damage cannot be ruled out. Asked about the attack on Jaffar Express in Sibi on last Tuesday, he said he was against attacks against the common man. Regarding operation in Kalat, Herbiyar Marri said that women and children were beaten up and injured there. He said the security forces were wrong to say that only militants were killed.

To a question about talks with Balochistan government, he said he was not ready to speak to the provincial government because it had no authority.He claimed that even Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was powerless before the army. He said Balochistan government sent him messages through different people but he refused to meet the representatives of the government. He said that those who are part of the provincial govt had joined the political mainstream for the attainment of personal benefits. He claimed that only three to four percent people voted for those who were running the government.

Asked about the impression that the ongoing separatist movement in Balochistan was limited to some Sardars and Nawabs, Herbiyar Marri said if Pakistan army and security forces were withdrawn and elections were held under international institutions, Baloch people would only cast their vote for independence.