For a country whose founding fathers were men of character, determination and commitment, and to end up with leaders, the likes of whom never been seen in history for the abuse imparted to this country, it could not have been more tragic and unfortunate. Our founders must be turning in their graves, if they knew that after getting rid of British occupation in 1947, we are more than willing in 2014 to allow men with split loyalties, who having sworn undivided allegiance to another country, revoking all other loyalties, can seek elections to our parliament, hold important public offices, and decide the fate of a country where they have no stakes.

Alarm bells should have sounded when generals and federal secretaries, immediately after retirement, relocate to foreign nations, where their assets are located. From a military dictator, who writes in his book, that he handed over Pakistanis for bounty to a politician nicknamed ‘Ten Percent.’ The country ending up with an indecisive leadership, not realizing that negotiations with savages, who take sadistic pleasure in slitting throats of captives, will lead this country nowhere, but to anarchy and chaos.

We alone are responsible for allowing foreigners to enter this country, getting sanctuary and raising armed private militias, challenging writ of state and threatening to claim control of our territory. Why don’t we realize that we are responsible when so called ‘Jundilla militia’, cross over international border into Iran and kidnap their uniformed guards? These are people who have been murdering hundreds of Hazara Shiah and not been caught. Even in Karachi the state has allowed private militias to be raised by political groups, involved in kidnapping, extortion and a booming criminal economy.

The paid civil cum khaki bureaucracy and elected executive must understand that there is no other option but to eradicate these private militias, ensure writ of constitutional law and be seen giving priority to welfare of large majority of deprived Pakistani citizens by focusing on education, health and delivering justice, collecting direct taxes and shunning away this elitist culture of serving vested interests. Negotiations can only take place with those who submit to constitution and give up arms, not with those who kill and justify such barbarities.


Lahore, February 19.