ISLAMABAD - Though the Interior Ministry has strongly rejected the claim of outlawed United Baloch Army, a separatist militant group from Balochistan, that it was behind the Islamabad fruit market blast, yet it could not explain on what grounds the ministry has exonerated it.
Earlier, a spokesman of the Interior Ministry had said that initial investigations of police and other investigation agencies reached a conclusion that the UBA was neither behind Wednesday’s bomb blast in the capital nor had it any link with the incident.
However, no official version came from the ministry what kind of solid evidence it had got out of the investigation that became the reason to reject the UBA claim .
“It in not only surprising but also ridiculous that the group had claimed responsibility of the incident,” he said.
Earlier, a spokesman of UBA had claimed the responsibly of the blast saying it had been carried out in retaliation to the security forces’ ongoing operation in district Kalat of Balochistan.
Meanwhile, a senior official of the ministry , in the light of the investigations conduced by security as well as intelligence agencies, did not route towards UBA and to somewhere else. However, he preferred to keep it confidential saying everything would be made public only after the complete investigation in the case.