KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s parliamentary leader in Senate, Babar Khan Ghauri has termed the Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO) a black law .
In a statement issued here on Wednesday, he said the government was trying to impose civil martial law in the country by passing the PPO .
On one side, the government is carrying out the dialogue process with the Taliban, who were slaughtering the Army personnel, attacking Army headquarters and installations, mosques, imambarghas, shrines, carrying out suicide attacks in the public places and even releasing the terrorist. On the other hand, government was victimising the political workers by passage of the PPO .
Ghauri said this law had been imposed in the shape of ordinance six months back and government should answer that have they ever used this ordinance against the terrorists.
 He further added that it is an attempt to crush the rights of the political workers and against the human rights.
The supporters of the human rights would never accept this law even all the opposition parties in the National Assembly opposed the law but the ruling party having majority in the assembly passed the bill as law .
He said the MQM had always opposed this black law and now after opposing the bill in National Assembly, the party would strongly oppose it in the senate also.