American president, Franklin D Roosevelt said, “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” The agony is that parents are extremely careless, slipshod and lackadaisical nowadays. They give birth to children and forget that they are responsible for their upbringing as well. The unethical, depraved and immoral youth did not spring out of the grass….., the teenagers we see on the roads one wheeling, driving like crazy risking their and others lives, robbing people in broad daylight are our own children!

When we sees them doing such dirty acts we curse the parents. If anyone complains about their children they turn a deaf ear and a blind eye, not believing their children could do these acts. Children spend their time on the internet and doing useless activities. They have not developed any reading habits; they fail to find any environment around them that encourages them to be creative. If our society is degraded, irresponsible, corrupted, spoiled, tarnished and sullied, it is mostly because of illiteracy, negligence, inattention and laxity of the parents.

In most of the cases children do not listen to their parents but imitate them. If children fail to find any role model at home, they find it in the outer world and then the role model shapes their personalities. Parents should try to become good role models for their children by practicing what they preach.


Jhang, April 7.