ISLAMABAD- The JUI(S), leader Maulana Sami-ul-Haq has strongly condemned lack of promised security for seminaries , ulema , citing the recent killing of Maulana Usman Yar Khan.

In his recent protesting statement over recent martyrdom of Maulana Usman and three innocent students of seminary, he was furious over the easy access of terrorists to their any desired prey, despite seminary students being totally irrelevant to any form of terrorism whatsoever. He also lauded the brave and courageous stand of Karachi’s Islam-loving citizens for expressing their extreme solidarity with the martyrdom of these four by participating in a major strike in Karachi; which nevertheless failed to move obdurate and conceited rulers, who failed to arrest the killers. “No one can rule out the outstanding and decisive role played by us in ensuring the success of dialogue with Taliban”, he declared, while also rejecting the association of renowned elder and religious scholar Maulana Muhammad Asfandyar Khan, and any other student with any terrorist or sectarian outfit, whatsoever.