DUBAI - Sindh can expect to receive billions of dollars of foreign investment for the province during the next three years.
This was disclosed by the Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah in Dubai .
He said that as a result of the International Annual Investment Conference in Dubai , several foreign investors have expressed keen interest in available opportunities and development projects of the province and have pledged to participate and invest in a variety of projects, including projects in the agricultural and energy sectors.
The Annual Investment Meeting was inaugurated by the President of UAE Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan at International Convention & Exhibition Center Dubai .
Syed Qaim Ali Shah, who attended the conference along with a high-level delegation, told media that they have been successful in informing foreign investors about the attractive business opportunities available in Sindh . “We expect that this will not only result in an increase in foreign trade for the country, but it will also bring prosperity for the people of Sindh ,” he added.
The Chief Minister said that delegations of several countries participating in the conference have assured him that they will soon take steps to invest on a large scale in different areas of Sindh .
He said the Sindh government is taking all necessary steps to develop the industrial sector of the province so that the standard of living of Sindhi people could be improved.
Provincial Minister for Irrigation, Syed Murad Ali Shah said that the Province of Sindh has become the center of interest for international investors and soon the outcome of this conference will start reaching the people of the province.
On this occasion, Ali Arshad Hakeem, Chairman of the Sindh Investment Board told that we also talked to several countries about the possibility and available investment opportunities in those countries for investors from Sindh .
He said “We hope that similar trade facilities will also be provided to our industrialists in those countries so that our investors could play their role in increasing foreign exchange reserves of the country.” Earlier, the Chief Minister of Sindh visited the Sindh-stall at the Investment Exhibition and, along with his delegation, met with Aziz Rubabh the Transport Minister of Morocco. He discussed with him investment opportunities in several sectors of the province, including projects which have been designed to improve the transport facility in Karachi.
The Chief Minister Sindh briefed him about an ongoing Karachi transport-project, which has been launched with the specific purpose of bringing improvement in the transport system of the city. This project, in its initial phase, will cover almost seventy kilometers of the city roads and will provide people with an advance transport solution, as available to people in most Western countries.
Transport Minister of Morocco expressed keen interest in the project and assured that his government will soon send a delegation to Karachi to discuss and explore the possibility. The Pakistani delegation also met with Tjkero Tweya the Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry of Namibia and exchange views with him on topics of mutual interest.
Chief Minister Sindh along with his delegation also met with the Malaysian minister for Planning, Environment and Industrial Development and informed him that the Sindh Board of Investment and Malaysian Halal Industries Development Corporation are already working together for the establishment of Halal industry in Pakistan.
Malaysian Minister also expressed keen interest in Pakistani agricultural products, especially in the import of mango from Pakistan.
The delegation also met with the Chief of Indonesia’s Investment Board, Mahendra Siregar. Indonesia assured the delegation that it will establish industries in different regions of the Sindh province.