Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, but our actions are totally the opposite. Education is just a tool, a tool which is used to enforce. Recently campus witnessed a disparaging event. Tear gas, shelling and an immense number of police officers. These were the elements which I, being a student over there observed. Education in real sense means “tolerance” and if we fail to tolerate then we are not supposed to call ourselves “educated”. We are pseudo-literati who are only pampered in such happenings which move in our way. The issue is not a mere encounter but it has social, economic and cultural aspects at its back. To relieve the tedium what our youth is doing is devastation. Moreover, the students involved in it must know that such measures are will-o’-the-wisp, providing null results. The performance of authorities in law and order was not less than a fiasco. The authorities must have upper hand in maintaining the harmony “at least” so that students may not find any inhumane happening within an educational department.


Lahore, March 23.