I want to draw the attention of the authorities concerned through your respected newspaper for articulating a public accusation and to the major problems taking the magnificence serenity and life away from Karachi. Karachi is the most important and populated city of Pakistan. It is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. The development, establishment, running and upcoming projects depends upon the state of affairs and actions taking place in Karachi. But desolately additional care and scheduling has gone astray. 

Street crimes are on the top of the list , major safety measures should be taken by the government to control them. Terrible traffic issue; the most frequent problem faced by the helpless people of Karachi. This issue leads to high death toil (accidents), noise pollution, air pollution, increase in bribery etc. Precise actions must be taken like appropriate construction of roads, flyover bridges, underpasses, zebra crossings, sign boards and maintained traffic signals. Corruption free POLICE and TRAFFIC POLICE is mandatory (sigh..). There are way countless dilemmas but I am spotlighting the foremost ones. Lets talk about load shedding around 70% of Karachiites are being troubled by K.E on daily basis. Heaps of trash are found often. Broken sewage lines create a mess and pungent stink in our beautiful city. KMC is not functioning the way it should. Unavailability of CNG is a dire issue, it causes discomfort for people in travelling, specifically middle and lower class people as they cannot come up with the money for peak fares of public transport during CNG closure days. Proper gas supply is a must. Beggary, child labor, illiteracy have ruined the future of our upcoming youth. Dear Sir, kindly take notice of the nuisance mentioned above. As government is not showing its sincerity to find out the solution to these existing problems. 


Karachi, April 9.