PARACHINAR - A tribal woman from Parac­hinar established her election office on Saturday with the plans to stand as a candidate in the upcoming elections for a National Assembly’s general seat from the Kurram Agency.

Ali Begum, 63, is a retired bureaucrat from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and has also served on influential positions both in Fata and Khyber Pakhtun­khwa.

While addressing the attendees at her inauguration ceremony, Begum highlighted the importance of women playing their key role in the society. She said that only the locals can successfully resolve their internal issues and that her candidacy would have a lasting impact and will prove as a step forward in restoring peace in the region.

A large number of people attended the ceremony and praised her decision and bravery for contesting in the elections. Shahid Kazmi, a political activist in Kurram Agency, said that Begum was a symbol of unity in the region and an inspiration for many tribal women.

Begum further stressed about the need for harmony and unity in tribal areas as only then can the development and prosperity of Kurram Agency will reach new highs. She added that one of the pressing issues in the region are the difficulties encountered by the local women and she aims to do her best to eradicate this problem. She expressed hope that people in the tribal belt, especially women, would encourage and support her.

Tribal elders paid their tribute to Begum commending her for playing a vital role in solving issues of the region even during her tenure as a bureaucrat and expressed their approval in supporting her in the upcoming elections. They further said that Begum enjoyed the support of women in Parachinar.