Islamabad - The President International Islamic University (IIU) son Abdul Majeed Ahmed Alduraywish allegedly submitted fake academic transcript of a private university for course exemption in his four year degree program at IIU, an official said on Monday.

The IIU administration had exempted Abdul Majeed Ahmed Alduraywish from attending 11 courses from his Bs (HONS) International Relations program (2013-17), as he allegedly had studied the subjects from Preston University Islamabad.

However, an official informed The Nation that the mark sheet submitted by student was bogus since the university did not have any series of the registration number mentioned in the sheet.

The academic transcript available with The Nation said that the student was enrolled in Preston University Islamabad Campus in spring semester 2012 and studied 17 courses till fall 2012 under the registration No.193-BSIR/SPR-2012.

However, the list of 11 courses exempted by IIU carries only three subjects from the academic transcript of private university, while eight others did not exist in the private university transcript.

The official said that Faculty Exemption Committee and Dean Faculty of Social Sciences exempted the courses which carry 33 credit hours on a fake result card submitted by the student.

“Student personally reached country in 2013 for admission but was studying in a private university in 2012, which is impossible,” said the official.

According to travel history of the student, Abdul Majeed Ahmed Alduraywish reached Pakistan for the first time in February 05, 2013, while his entire stay in the country was around 500 days.

An official also said that in the same year when Abdul Majeed Ahmed Alduraywish was enrolled in the private university, he was also studying in University of Ballarat Australia.

The result statement of Australian university available with The Nation describes that student Abdul Majeed Ahmed Alduraywish was enrolled in engineering discipline and in 2012 studied 06 courses from there.

 “It is impossible to change academic disciplines and therefore the private university result mark sheet was obtained illegally,” the official said.

An official from Preston University talking on the condition of anonymity informed The Nation that no such registration number exists in the university record. He also said that the university does not issue the result card in the format on which result of the student was printed.

“The document is not original and signatures are unrecognizable,” the official said.

The spokesperson Preston University Fazal Elahi said the number of such result cards received by university confirms the status of the documents of being original or fake on receiving written application.

Rector IIU Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, who is also a candidate for next Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) said that it was not possible for the inquiry committee formed to reach other university for confirmation of the document. He also said that committee had not found clash of admission dates in the case of student Abdul Majeed Ahmed Alduraywish.

“I thoroughly read the inquiry report and asked some questions to the inquiry committee for clarity,” he said.

The inquiry committee comprising Dr. Zia-ul-Haq, Dr. Manzoor Afridi, director administration Inam-ul-Haq and two other members had cleared the son of Saudi Arabian national, President Prof Dr. Ahmed Yousif Ahmed Al Draiweesh from the inquiry.

The committee was declared controversial by employees of the university as it included the director examination who himself had exempted student Abdul Majeed Ahmed Alduraywish from attending eleven courses.