LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that a comprehensive national development and prosperity plan is being executed by the PML-N government on a fast pace.

“The government has taken steps for welfare of the masses and they are yielding results in social development sectors, including health, education and agriculture,” the chief minister said while talking to party members who called on him here yesterday.

The chief minister said the Punjab government used national resources efficiently to improve quality of life. He said that public welfare was core agenda of the government and levelling baseless allegations and telling lies was the sole agenda of the political opponents. Without caring for opponents of development, he said, transparent completion of development projects has been ensured by the government.

Shehbaz said that public welfare programmes will be taken forward speedily and added that 2018 is the year of defeat of those who are engaged in politics of lies and allegations. “We will go to the masses with records of public service and national development,” he said.

He said that pivot of politics of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is public service and it has promoted democratic culture of national development and prosperity. “People want peace and prosperity.

National development has been given importance at every stage. On the other side, the sit-in group has shown enmity towards people by impeding welfare projects,” he said.

The chief minister said that Niazi and Zardari, who levelled allegations against each other, have now united for their personal interests. He said that they were two sides of the same coin and Niazi-Zardari alliance has been fully exposed before the nation.

He said that defeated political elements have promoted politics of deceit, falsehood and baseless allegations. “People of Pakistan will reject such elements in general elections because a lie has no feet to stand upon,” he said. He said that faces of those engaged in politics of accusations have been exposed because claimants of change have not given anything to people except hollow slogans.

He said that looters and those involved in sit-ins were afraid of performance of the PML-N government and defeat is their fate in the next general elections. “The defeated elements have opposed welfare of the masses and they will be taught a lesson by the people in future. We will continue to move forward despite all tactics used by our political opponents,” concluded the chief minister.

Later, Shehbaz directed party leaders and office-bearers not to issue statements against those quitting the party.

In a statement issued here yesterday, the PML-N president said that all office-bearers of the party and government leaders should avoid issuing statements in this regard. He said the issue of members quitting the party will be discussed in the party meeting and a suitable strategy will be finalized.

Separately, Shehbaz congratulated the nation on the eve of Constitution Day of Pakistan and said that consensus constitution of 1973 is a major achievement of parliamentary history.

In his message issued here on Monday, the chief minister said that democratically elected leadership gave a gift of consensus constitution to the nation 45 years ago. He said it is sanguine that this constitution is a harbinger of human rights as well as establishment of an Islamic welfare state. The nation pays rich tribute to efforts of the then parliamentarians and constitutional experts today, he said.

 He said the national leadership unified the nation by setting aside their political differences. He said that constitution of Pakistan had kept the nation united and discouraged ethno-linguistic differences.

 He said the constitution has guaranteed democracy, equality, tolerance and civil liberties. He said that constitution of 1973 had given new dimension to important issues like federal as well as provincial autonomies and socio-economic development is only possible after complete implementation of the constitution. He said the 1973 constitution protects the rights, social justice and equality of people of different religions.

Also, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that payment of taxes is a national obligation and the government is responsible for their proper utilization with complete transparency.

Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif took notice of rape-cum-murder of a girl student in Kot Momin and sought a report from DPO Sargodha.

He ordered an investigation into the tragic incident adding that legal action should be initiated against the criminals involved in the incident. He said that provision of justice to the bereaved family will be ensured at every cost. He extended sympathies to the bereaved family.