By: Raazia Syed

Life is just like a canvas of painting, it depends on us that how we make it good or bad. We select different but our favorite colors to complete our painting of life. It is the name of experiences whether good or bad. We improve our lives on daily basis by committing mistakes and observing others.

Every new morning is a new day as well as new hope but it is only for optimistic people. Did you notice that most of us ruin our present and waste our time to over think about unpredictable future?

Always keep in mind that making yourself happy is the most important thing in this world, it doesn’t mean that you should not give time to your dear ones but it means to improve yourself and take care of your health and needs.

Don’t condition your happiness with some feelings, persons or situations; because all are temporary, the permanent is only your inner peace and satisfaction. Your emotions and feelings should be handled only by you not by others because people give us only happiness but inner peace is only our asset.

Try to be happy and satisfied with your destiny, always work hard but sometimes results cannot be according to our desires, so always have firm belief and leave the rest to the God.

Making efforts to achieve something is good but putting your body and mind in trouble is just stupidity. Everyone commits mistakes but you must learn from mistakes and move on.

And last but not the least, live in present moment, and don’t fear from questioning as it is the best way to learn something.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on April 7, 2018