LAHORE - Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal said on Monday the present assembly played a key role in solving people’s problems through legislation in the last

four years.

Addressing a ceremony held to mark the formal launch of Assembly’s four-year performance report, the Speaker said that since the Punjab Assembly was the largest legislature in Pakistan, people had great expectations from it.

Talking about the publication of Assembly’s performance report, Rana Iqbal said that people had the right to know about the performance of their representatives in the Assembly.

“2018 is election year, and people of Punjab have every right to know what their elected representatives have done for their welfare. They also have the right to know if their representatives were able to maintain an effective check on the performance of provincial departments and the government policies,” he observed, adding that the report will enable the common citizens, scholars and the researchers to evaluate the accomplishments of the Punjab legislature.

Provincial ministers, members of the Assembly, head of an NGO (Soubai), Donna Bugby Smith and Secretary of the Assembly Rai Mumtaz Hussain Babar attended the ceremony. Donna’s NGO has been instrumental in compilation of the data and publication of the report.