‘Rap music is the only form of music

introduced since punk rock’

–Kurt Cobain, 1991

Rap music has always been associated with the black community and violence. There are those who believe it promotes violent behaviour amongst the youth and should be banned. This assumption started spreading due the way it was used in the past. Rap was introduced from hip hop in the late 1970’s and since then has become a platform for people to express their emotions and desires with use of abusive language. In the past it had become common with the male black youth who released their frustration and anger of their treatment as outcasts in society. By rapping they highlighted the abuse faced daily due to the colour of their skin, the racist comments and the unfair treatment by the law and the police. The desire to take revenge and seek justice in some way, became the reason for the use of wildly offensive language and promotion of violent actions. To the black youth it gave them a sense of unity and reassurance they are not alone. It became a place where they could freely express their feelings and rap became a part of the African-American culture. As change in society emerged, so did the significance of rap music.