Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, said that China and Pakistan are iron brothers in every sense.

He was addressing the Boao Forum for Asia Conference 2018 on Tuesday morning, “In our region, our friendship is the bedrock of strategic stability.”

“It was natural for Pakistan to take lead in partnering up with China to usher in new era of peace and prosperity through enhanced connectivity. “In Pakistan, today, 2017, step-by-step and brick-by-brick a brave new Asia is taking place,” he added.

Prime minister also spoke about the progress of Gwadar port, he said, “It will soon become an economic nucleus. Along with Pakistan, the Gwadar port will give maritime access to Western China, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East.”

Furthermore, he said that CPEC has continuously providing job opportunities to Pakistanis and through the Economic Corridor about 10,000 Megawatts have been added to the national power sector.

PM Abbasi also said, “Pakistan's economy is growing at 6% per annum, the highest in a decade. By 2050, we will be world's 15th largest economy.”

“Our population of 200 million people reflects immense human resources potential, beside a large consumer base,” Abbasi said while highlighting the potential in Pakistan.  

PM Abbasi regarded the One Belt One Road Initiative as “shared prosperity for all” by “bridging resource gaps”.

He also mentioned, “In 2017, nearly one-third of worldwide economic growth came from Asia Pacific region, the bulk of it from China. As the Asian century dawns, it is incumbent upon us to realise our real potential and rediscover the wisdom that resides within.”

“Our coordinated and tailored approached must incorporate the spirit of our peoples and their common aspirations for a better life. They must include embracing structural reforms, strengthening regional institutions, increasing connectivity, leveraging technology and investing in human capital,” PM further added. 

Boao Forum is also regarded as Asia's 'Davos'. The Forum will be concluded on April 11 in China’s southern province, Hainan.