Scientists from NASA have witnessed a cosmic collision between two stars so powerful that it actually caused ripples in the fabric of the universe itself. These ripples in spacetime are known as gravitational waves and were first theorised by Albert Einstein. The two objects were neutron stars, they are the crushed remains of a leftover star that has previously exploded in a supernova. So while only being just 12-miles wide they had a mass that was 60x that of our own Sun. It’s one of the universe’s most spectacular events and its power is so immense that not only were we able to see it from over 130 million light years away but we were able to actually detect the shockwaves through the fabric of spacetime itself. What’s even more impressive is that over a period of a little over a week you can actually see the explosion and then the light fade.

Courtesy huffingtonpost

Published in Young Nation Magazine on April 7, 2018