Benazir Returns


April 10, 1986, Benazir Bhutto was on her way to Lahore. She was returning after almost two years in a time when there was a turf war going on between General Zia and Prime Minister Junejo.

The day brought bundles of joy to the Pakistan People`s Party workers who were waiting to welcome their leader for quite a while. After residing in Lahore for a day or two, Benazir went onto different areas of Punjab addressing mass gatherings. Though her return was symbolic enough in the realms of challenging a dictator, she had returned for rather substantive changes in her party.

It was looking, as she had come back to reorganize the PPP thus assuming a central leadership role after the demise of her father. The General, on the other hand, was not ready to accommodate any political activity for the time being, let alone Benazir marching across the country.

Despite the general`s attempt to restrain her movement and political activity, Benazir had no plans to get on the back foot. She was adamant to increase her political capital and get on to the driver`s seat in the Pakistan People`s Party.