LAHORE                -              Senior PTI leader Aleem Khan on Thursday denied media reports about his alleged telephonic conversation with PML N’s Punjab President Rana Sana Ullah saying he did not make any call to the PML-N leader.

“I did not have any telephonic discussion with Rana Sana Ullah though we have had good personal relations for the last 18 years. The news is fabricated”, Aleem told The Nation when asked to comment on a news report published in an English Daily (Not The Nation) the other day.  The story quoted the PML-N leader claiming that he had received a call from the PTI leader Aleem Khan and that both also discussed at length the current political situation in Punjab. Aleem Khan said he did not believe Rana Sana Ullah could make any such statement.

“I have had good relations with Rana Sanaullah as members of the Punjab Assembly for the last 18 years. I believe the reporter has misquoted the PML-N leader”, he further told this scribe.

Aleem said his loyalty with the PTI was above board. “I have been part of the PTI and shall remain so in future as well”, he affirmed. Aleem Khan recalled that he had joined the PTI in 2011 for change and was still part of it as the party was struggling to fulfill its agenda. “I firmly believe that only Imran Khan can bring about change in the country. I don’t have any doubts in my mind about the good intentions Khan has to set the things right”, he stressed.

He went on to say: “I stood with Imran Khan in difficult times and will continue to support him in future also. A decision about my political future has to be taken by Imran Khan and I will be available for any responsibility entrusted to me by my leader any time”. 

He said some people might have certain agenda to fulfill by spreading such fabricated news to doubt his loyalty with the party. Rana Sana Ullah was not available for his comment despite repeated contacts on his cell phone. A close aide of Aleem Khan, however, said that Rana Sana had also contradicted the news while talking to a news channel.  According to him, the PML-N leader had denied having any political discussion with Aleem Khan on telephone. Sana also reportedly talked of having good personal relations with Aleem Khan while contracting contents of the story.