Man’s main task is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of his effort is his personality- Erich Fromm. Nigel Cumberland describes this in his famous book “100 things successful people do”.

A million-dollar question is how well do you know yourself? The question is valid as, unfortunately, most of us remain clueless about ourselves throughout our lives. The dissatisfaction arising out of this ignorance pervades our lives and often leads to unbalancing serotonin level in our body chemistry.

Even, in the USA, roughly 50% of people are suffering from midlife crisis or dissatisfaction with their jobs. The reasons are multiple including the parental choices, following popular trends and unable to identify the core talent they were born with. Some people manage to transcend and switchover to realize their true potential. However, most of us have to carry the psychological luggage of wrong choices for a lifetime.

At times, Almighty shakes us off in His peculiar fashion to make us realize to look inward. But not everyone get this divine message of introspection, rather, we keep cursing our fate. To get the best out of us some time needs to be spared to introspect and make necessary corrections.

Every person is unique and is there for some specific role to play. Those who identify their real self and work to realize their true potential, are able to achieve what is referred to as self-actualization.

People are different, but we tag them difficult. Abraham Maslow has placed self-actualization as the topmost need in his famous theory “Hierarchy of Needs”. Towards this end of self-actualization, we just need to identify our roles and talents. But it’s a bitter truth that most of us are harbouring a stranger in ourselves and suffering from intra-personal conflicts. This mismatch is frequently found in our cores like academics, emotional as well as professional areas.

The question arises what are the channels available with us to find out our life purpose . Although, the person himself is the one who can better find out his inner Athena. However, there are some other powerful tools to see the inside the micro-picture. The Five-Factor Model of personality assessment and Myers and Briggs personality type indicators are some of the tools that may help one to discover his or her innermost self but these tools are not without complications. A need for a simpler method has always been felt since long.

While human psychology has delved into different dimensions of personality types, there are other disciplines that give an insight into a an individual’s personality.During the last century, hand reading has emerged as a data-based alternative tool to know ourselves in-depth. Johnny Fincham, Ed Campbel, Jennifer Hirsch, Magda van Dijk-Rijneke and Martijn van Mensvoort made some good contributions in their capacities.

The scribe has made a humble yet very unique and first-ever comprehensive effort to evolve a handy tool for self-discovery, covering most of the human personality areas, called GM Model for Self-Discovery. Additionally, I have coupled the Five-Factor and Myers Briggs Models with hand-reading successfully. By understanding this, we may address the nitty-gritty including the left, right and middle pole of any personality traits as well. This model gives the best guidelines to parents, teachers, HR experts, counselors, psychologists, leaders, managers and every individual. This model can be consulted by the parents to understand the mental makeup of their kids for customized grooming. Following a standard method of grooming is not an advisable thing to do. By the age of 7, the second level of a child’s personality emerges. Hence, it becomes imperative to know what kind of parenting one needs to adopt. The next step is to find out the child’s academic interests and to decide about the profession or career that best suits the personality type of the child. As the child grows to enter adulthood ideas of love and romance takeover and the emotional storms can be weathered by better knowing the personality type. With so many uses of the aforementioned tool, the core of this tool remains self-actualization or the true purpose of life….