ISLAMABAD                 -             The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pa­kistan (DRAP) on Tuesday allowed local manufacturing of anti-malarial medicine and clinical trials of the ven­tilators.

A statement issued here yesterday by the health ministry said that the DRAP had allowed local manufacturing of an­ti-malarial Chloroquine, passive im­munization and clinical trials of locally manufactured ventilators also.

It also said that DRAP also enlisted more than 50 hand sanitizers for en­suring free availability in the market also.

The statement said that DRAP is working to ensure availability of req­uisite items to SARS-CoV 2 infect­ed patients, healthcare professionals and general public for the purposes of symptomatic and supportive treatment and personal protection.

In this context, DRAP held back to back expert committee meetings to evaluate the applications of various items including those of drug manufac­turing, mechanical ventilators, and con­valescent plasma and hand sanitizers.

It added that the Central Licensing Board of DRAP has approved the local manufacturing of Chloroquine phos­phate active pharmaceutical ingredi­ent (API), a drug used in management of SARS-CoV 2 infected patients.

Now chloroquine API can be manu­factured indigenously to meet the re­quirement of those pharmaceutical companies who prepare Chloroquine phosphate tablets, injections and syrups.

It is a big step towards ensuring unin­terrupted supply of pharmaceutical ac­tive raw material for manufacturing of such important drugs.

In another meeting, Clinical Study Committee (CSC) of DRAP allowed clin­ical trials for convalescent plasma for the purpose of passive immunization in current COVID-19 pandemic in Pa­kistan.

The application was filed by Dr. Ta­hir Shamsi, Principal Investigator Pro­fessor and Chairman, National Insti­tute of Blood Disease and Bone Marrow Transplantation, Karachi.

The CSC also approved clinical trial/ test of basic ventilators, indigenous­ly developed by Pakistan Engineering Council. It will facilitate manufacturing of locally developed mechanical ven­tilator and meet the national require­ments during the pandemic.