Coronavirus started from China in the month of December 2019 and within no time this dangerous virus spread all over the world and many thousand people died. This coronavirus basically spread through human contact, for example, to shake hands, hug to one another and etc. The symptoms of this virus are identified after two weeks and the person, who is a carrier of it, has no idea about it, hence, this virus is really dangerous. Due to the spread of this pandemic, all educational institutions, marriage halls, parks, and shopping malls were closed because in this situation we should have social distancing and this is very important. Lockdown has been imposed in the country. Federal and provincial governments together are fighting against this terrible situation. Prime Minister Imran Khan rightly took the decision that like Pakistan, economically, is weak and we have no backup money reserves in this critical situation that is why curfew has not been imposed in the country. If curfew is imposed, the survival of poor families would become impossible. The population statistics show that 25% population of the country is extremely poor depending upon daily wagers so any harsh decision of curfew would not be in the interest of the country. Even in lockdown, limited shops are open like general stores, food and fruit shops, and medical stores.

Now, Italy, Iran and the US, etc these countries are badly affected by the coronavirus. Pakistan has not been badly affected by the virus and the situation is under control. Pakistan’s government has played a wonderful role here and working day and night to save the people from this dangerous pandemic. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s policies to overcome this virus is in the benefit of the public. He has urged the people to fight to kill coronavirus from our country but it does not mean that we may compromise on poor families who may suffer from a shortage of food and other daily usage things. The government has a responsibility to take care of these poor people and provide them basic things for the survival of poor families. Ban on goods transport nationwide has been lifted and other supplies regarding food items are open and due to this the food items are easily available on all grocery stores and no one can feel any difficulty regarding food items. Great steps have been taken by the PTI government that is, they created Corona Relief Tiger force and Prime Minister is confident that volunteers registered on citizen portal at the Prime minister office would play a huge role.

The work of the tiger force is to provide food items and daily usage things to the poor families in their homes in every street. These poor families who get themselves registered in Ehsas program would also be getting financial aid through this program.

Moreover, Prime minister Relief fund has been created an account opened in National Bank of Pakistan main branch, Karachi in which PM requested to overseas Pakistani to deposit dollars in this account because due to coronavirus products are not exported to other countries and due to this rupee devaluation day by day that is why he requested to overseas Pakistani to deposit dollars in an account to release pressure from the rupee. Prime minister further emphasis that we should fight to kill coronavirus and public also play their part with government and stay homes and stand with the government because Nations who are successful have a strong bond between the general public and government.