LAHORE           -                   Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid, on Thursday, has visited two dedicated isolation wards at Services Institute of Medical Sciences. The minister said that the patients in critical condition at Expo Center would be shifted to the isolation wards for expert supervision. Principal SIMS Prof Mehmud Ayaz, Medical Superintendent and other officials accompanied the Minister to the ward and gave briefing on the arrangements made at the centre. The Minister also spoke to a selected group of nursing staff and discussed with them the situation of COVID-19.  The Minister said, “This 32-bedded facility has been developed at the SIMS Auditorium for patients under critical condition. In this unit, each bed has been provided with a ventilator and the best-available facilities . The Critically ill patients from Expo Center will be shifted to this unit through a separate entry route. The team of doctors and paramedical staff working on COVID-19 patients are motivated and are discharging their duties with great professionalism. The PPE has been provided to all staff working in coronavirus wards.” She said, “We have to win this battle at every cost. Prevention is the best strategy and we can achieve this by ensure social distancing. By staying at home and stopping exposure to the virus, we can break the transmission chain. I specifically request the elderly and the senior citizens to take care of themselves and adopt precautionary measures.”