ISLAMABAD                 -             Newly released images of the Sun are the highest-resolution pictures of our star ever taken and they reveal its atmosphere is much more complex than first thought. Scientists from the University of Central Lancashire and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center studied the images taken by the space-based NASA High-Resolution Coronal Imager telescope. The pictures revealed that parts of the Sun’s atmosphere, thought to be dark or mostly empty, are filled with strands of hot electrified gasses 311 miles wide. Each of those strands are up to 1.8 million degrees Fahrenheit and are larger than the distance between London and Belfast, according to researchers.

NASA’s Hi-C telescope can pick out structures in the Sun’s atmosphere as small as 43 miles in size - or about 0.01 per cent of the total size of the star.

It was able to capture the incredibly fine magnetic threads in the ‘dark areas’ and scientists say they are made of extremely hot, million-degree plasma.