LAHORE                   -          Punjab School Education Minister Murad Raas has said that the government was considering to allow privately managed schools to open offices on fixed days for the disbursement of salaries to teachers and staff during the lockdown in Punjab.

Talking to APP on Thursday, the minister said that the government was chalking out a plan under which offices could be opened by the privately managed schools for 2-3 days within fixed timing for the sole purpose of disbursement of salaries.

He said, to a query, the conditional permission would be subjected to strict adherence to the precautionary measures imposed by the Punjab government to contain COVID 19. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government already allowed private schools to open offices on first 5 days of the month with only four members of the administrative staff to be present in the office. Not more than five teachers may gather at the administrative office keeping a safe distance of 3 feet among them. However, Secretary General All Pakistan Private Schools Association Prof. Amjad Ali Khan told APP that private school should be allowed to open offices for collection of monthly fee from the students. He said the private schools would observe all government protocols on COVID 19, adding that most of the schools collect fee at their administrative offices.