KARACHI                   -           Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah Thursday said that 92 new cases of coronavirus have been detected and one more person was expired during last 24 four hours (till Thursday morning). In a video message released from the Chief Minister House, Syed Murad Ali Shah said that his government has conducted 11,623 tests till Thursday morning against which 1,128 have been diagnosed as positive, including 92 new cases.

He added that at present 436 patients were in home isolation, 59 in isolation centers and 263 in different district hospitals.

The CM Sindh said that the deaths toll till April 9, has reached to 21 which constitutes 1.8% percent of the total cases, he said.

Disclosing his three-pronged strategy, isolation, testing and critical care, he said that 1380 pilgrims returned from Iran in four batches were kept in isolation, of them 280 were found infected.

They were provided proper care in Isolation at Sukkur and 242 patients had recovered and returned to their respective homes, he said, added that now only 38 pilgrims were left at Sukkur and after their recovery they would also be sent to their homes. He said that despite his serious efforts and strict containment policy, the coronavirus had penetrated into Katchiabadies because the slum dwellers failed to maintain social distancing as was advised by exerts.

He said that he was afraid of the day when the virus started spreading in the slum areas because the slum dwellers were living in small houses with large families. “I am sorry, my apprehensions came true and a family of seven member living in Katchi abadi of District Central has got infected,” he said. “The head of the family went outside and got himself infected somewhere and brought the virus back to his home, now all his seven family members, including one-year old son and six-year old daughter have been diagnosed as coronavirus positive,” he added.

Syed Murad Ali Shah urged the people of the Katchi Abadies to get ration or cash when it was distributed in their areas but avoid crowding, otherwise “you will not only be infected but would carry the virus back to your home and get your family members infected,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that if and when lockdown was lifted or eased of the life would not be same. “The government will issue new SOPs for every sector under which they will have to operate,” he said and added the people would have to lead a different life based on personal care and care of their family members and others. He hinted that lockdown would not be lifted at once but it would be eased out in phases. All the business centers, factories, shopping centers would have to adopt protective measures for them and their workers, he said.

“We are not living on islands but we live on a land where people come from other cities, provinces and countries and vice versa, therefore social distancing from each other is the only tool to keep ourselves safe and secure,” he said.

Clarification: Mr Shah in his message also clarified a news item appeared in different newspapers that three people have died due to hunger. He said that the news was incorrect and was not based on true facts. He added that the facts were as under:

Sobhal Shar: Sobhal Shar set himself ablaze at Jhatpat, Balochistan, on account of his domestic issues with his wife and in-laws. He was brought over at Hira Hospital Sukkur and latter shifted to Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Institute of Medical Science, Gamabat where he succumbed to his burn injuries.

Shahzaib Sahto is son of a well-off school teacher, Ustad Shahan Sahto, who has properties in urban and rural areas of Gambat and stable economic status. His son set himself on fire on account of family issues.

Riaz Metlo, 55, is resident of Shesham Colony, Lukman Khairpur, was sick since last 15 days and could not survive. It was a natural death. It is re-emphasized, “we are in the middle of an unprecedent crisis situation and at this juncture printing of baseless stories flash rumors should be avoided because they achieve nothing but spread further chaos and panic,”