Such images are doing rounds everywhere, some are turned into memes, under some people are leaving nasty comments but probably a very few people are giving it a thought that what kind of work goes behind organizing a virtual class.

Let me tell you by experience that what went behind organizing these classes:

In a usual setup, I wake up, dress up, travel to my school, enter my class, greet the students, go through the planner, walk to the shelve, take out the resources and start delivering the lesson.

Now, the present scenario has two sides, the assumed scenario, and the real scenario. I would like to take you through both.

In the assumed scenario, the teacher wakes up whenever she likes, and boom she enters her class just through a magical click on ZOOM, she then finds the resources somehow already prepared, lying on the desktop, in this parallel world children are put on mute, the teacher delivers the lesson, burdens the parents with the task of making their children sit attentively for good one hour, assigns them the tiresome task of emailing the homework and vanishes to her peaceful abyss by just another magical click on END MEETING FOR ALL.

Let's enter the real scenario, during my scheduled spring break that I had been waiting for weeks now, a message pops up on my work-group that I need to attend a zoom meeting. The first thought that goes through my mind is, what on earth is zoom? Must have been the thought of many teachers out there, I know!

I downloaded the app, attended the meeting and got to know that the classes are going to be conducted online. Am I relieved that I will have lesser work? No! I need to unlearn the usual teaching techniques that I have been using and need to adopt the new ones, that also, just in 10 days. Planners are made, hundreds of mock sessions are conducted (might have exaggerated here), timetables are made, resources are prepared to go with the online lessons, not to mention that a lot of teaching resource is not accessible to the teachers as schools were shut down without any prior notice, after days of coordination among the IT personals, coordinators, teachers and parents, the first day of online classes arose. And, my laptop like any naughty child started throwing tantrums and stopped RESPONDING to every tab that I tried opening. After many jitters, actual dreams of me conducting zoom classes, numerous glitches, today, with my colleagues and I completed the first week of virtual teaching.

Teachers everywhere are putting in a lot of effort to conduct these classes, they are unlearning and learning, they are trying to make the best of their abilities to help you and your child go through this crisis without losing on learning. So, before leaving a nasty comment for a teacher or putting up an insta live on how teachers are just burdening the parents with all the work assignments while lying on the sofas themselves, kindly, remember, we together are trying to live through this crisis in the best of our abilities. Your kindness and patience are needed as virtual teaching is an outcome of a crisis, not a choice.