MOHMAND AGENCY - At least 19 people, most of them militants, were killed in shootouts in different parts of NWFP and Mohmand Agency, where the Army has been engaged in battles against the Taliban militants, officials said Sunday. According to the officials, one of the clashes, which continued for more than three hours, started at 2:00am in Khawazi village of Mohmand Agency when Taliban attacked the home of Malik Ajmal Khan, head of Shah Sahib group and chief of local peace committee. Shah Sahib group is religious outfit of Ahl-e-Hadith school of thought. The officials said that Ajmal Khan and one of his close aides had been killed in the clash. They further informed that around 10 Taliban militants had also been killed and several others injured when the supporters of Ajmal Khan and activists of Shah Sahib group returned the fire. According to local tribal sources, the security forces after the attack on Ajmal Khans house targeted the militants with artillery and mortar shells. Some independent sources have informed that around 14 persons had been killed in the clash, 10 militants and four members of the peace committee headed by Ajmal Khan. Shah Sahib group was named after its founder Shah Sahib whom Taliban, headed by Omar Khalid, had killed two years ago along with several others. After his death the group became ineffective. Recently Ajmal Khan had reorganised the Shah Sahib group. Agencies add: At least 10 militants and four tribesmen including the chief of the local peace committee were killed during an exchange of fire in Mohmands Khawazi village late on Saturday, Ghafoor Khan, a local official said. Another local official, Javed Ali also confirmed the incident and said the peace committee chief, Ajmal Khan, was killed in the gunfight that broke out after militants attacked Khans house. Khans supporters returned fire, killing several militants, he added. Ajmal Khan was a pro-government tribal elder who had captured 12 militants and handed them over to security forces last week. In a separate incident, two civilians and a policeman were killed when militants ambushed a police convoy in Bannu on Sunday. Three policemen were on a routine patrol in Meryan village of Bannu when they were attacked by a group of 10 militants, senior local official Iqbal Marwat told AFP. He said one policeman and two farmers in nearby fields were killed in the incident. Staff Reporters from Peshawar and Swat add: At least two personnel of the security forces were killed and two others injured when an improvised explosive device (IED) hit their convoy on the main road of Per Qala Naurak, a village near Miranshah, North Waziristan Agency. As per details, the convoy was going to Miranshah from Mirali town and when it reached near Pir Qala Naurak, an IED planted by some unknown militants hit a vehicle, killing two personnel of the forces and injuring two others. The injured were shifted to Bannu Combined Military Hospital. The vehicle was completely destroyed in the incident. Soon after the attack, the authorities tightened the security in the area and arrested several suspected persons.