It appears that we are about to be given a stern lesson on how not to treat foreign companies who are invited by us to invest in Pakistan. The reported fallout from the Reko Diq quagmire in the form of possibility of $1 billion penalty is geared to make us honour the agreements and contracts we enter into.

FDI in Pakistan is already down to a trickle; the historic penalty if imposed by ICSID is certain to dry the FDI pipeline completely. It is very unfortunate that even a section of the press had also been pandering to the unethical and illegal stand of a Balochistan Government and misleading people of the consequences of refusing TCC the license to undertaking mining in the area even when there is no financial and technical capacity to execute the project in the province or the country. We must enter into international investment in mega projects like Reko Diq after due diligence and learn to honour such contracts as the international  community is no more ready to entertain our shenanigans with Foreign Direct Investment in our country.


Lahore, August 7.